Event Security at Tyson Security Group

Event Security

The last few years have seen an ever increasing amount of "Red Tape" and regulation of the buisness we work in-local authority Licensing schemes for Door Supervisors, stringent enforcement action regarding Public Entertainment Licenses etc.

This bureaucracy makes all our jobs more difficult. The advent of the Security Industries Agency and the statutory/mandatory powers that they have will increase this considerably.

Under the legistation that is forthcoming all Door Supervisor Companies will have to have a massive amount of infrastructure to continue in this business - they'll need a full ten year checkable work history for all their staff, they'll need full Public Liability insurance and they'll also have to have begun working toward achieving a ISO quality management award.

How does this affect your business? Simple, if the company/staff that you use doesn't have all of these things it can lead to the revocation of your licence !!!!

As a forward thinking company with progressive development plans, Tyson Security Group has all of these systems in place - we're already working within the structures of ISO, we already have full checkable work histories for all our staff, full Public Liability Insurance (please see attached copy of our certification) and full checkable histories for our staff as defined by BSI 7960... Can our competitors say the same?

And can you take the risk?